Some previous Games I worked on

Rail Simulator image

Rail Simulator (2007)

Rail Simulator is a train simulation published by Electronic Arts (EA). It was produced by Kuju Entertainment. After release of the EU version, EA's support and further development of the title was taken over by Rail Simulator Developments Ltd, who continued to provide updates, fixes, official expansion packs and new content to players.

Released on

  • IBM PC


  • 3D Rails

    The rails were rendered procedurally. One of my first assignments at Kuju games was to work out how to create railway track procedurally from scratch.

  • Involvement

    I converted a version of the UI system I created for Jeff Wayne's War Of The World to work as the overlaid UI for Rail Simulator. I was then moved to working out a path finding system, capable of working how to get a train from A to B including reversing in sidings.