Some previous Games I worked on

Jeff Wayne's The War Of the Worlds image

Jeff Wayne's The War Of the Worlds (1998)

Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds is a real-time strategy video game developed by Rage Software Limited and released for Windows-based PCs in 1998. It is based on Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds — which is itself based on H. G. Wells' 1898 novel The War of the Worlds. The strategy map part was similar to the risk board game, while the 3d battle maps were more like Command and Conquer.

Released on

  • IBM PC


  • Early 3D

    Game used software 3D rendering of the models, before hardware 3D became available on Windows. The rendering part of the game was written in 80x86 assembler, while the main game was written in C++.

  • Involvement - Studio Manager, Team Lead & Lead Developer

    Managed the London Studio of Rage Software. Trained the other developers in C++ and redesigned the game using object oriented techniques. Created a Windows-like UI system for games for the UI as well as the sound system and integration of the cut-scene videos. Note: I am not listed in the credits, thanks to the artist I replaced as studio manager, but I am visible as the South Park style Death figure in the "English Rose" credit screen. I was give 18 months to "get the game out the door", which would have been difficult, but we managed it in a about 20 months and I received a £10k bonus for my efforts.