Some previous Games I worked on

Fist+ image
Fist+ image

Fist+ (1986)

Fist+... revenge of the copyright infringement! After the initial shock of IK+ apparently using our Way Of The Exploding Fist sprites, as-is (except for removing the headbands - guess they had no artist or were just lazy), Melbourne House developed a "if you can't beat 'em join 'em" attitude. The original game designer incorporated aspects of the opposition products into a revised Fist+, featuring 3 fighters at once (2 sprite and one character-based).

Released on

  • C64


  • Now with added Player!

    In addition to the original Fist 2 (3 x 3) sprite based players, a 3rd character-based sprite was added. This is why the bottom of the screen was now empty in Fist+.

  • My involvement

    I was again responsible for the sprite engine and added the new character sprite engine for the 3rd player. Also responsible for the display of everything onscreen, including any incidental animations. I quite enjoyed doing the animation of the signs in the Times Square scene.