Got my new (old) kit

4/26/2021 C64

After a near miss on eBay (almost purchased a C=64 with non-working floppy drive and cassette player - caveat emptor), I found the ideal system for trying out "real" C=64 hardware. The only downside was pickup only. Luckily it was only an hour's drive away. One careful owner from his childhood. Lovely bloke had taken great care of everything. The bundle had been stored in a loft for decades and included: - Genuine C=64 breadbox (complete with box and manuals) - Genuine 1570 Floppy Drive (complete with box and manual) - Genuine 1530 Cassette Drive (complete with box and manuals) - Phillips 12" green screen monitor - Couple of Joysticks - Games (cartridge, cassette & disks) - Even a data light pen thing (I have no idea what it was for) I am pleased that such a good example is now going to be reused again.