Today I woke up with a new spring in my step... After removing the spring from my shoe, I felt much better! I also came up with a plan... A cunning plan...

My plan... My cunning plan... Something I would love to do... and more importantly, something others might actually love too!

First I need a name for my company and matching domain... Got an idea from a workmate at my day job... "Bite me!" came to mind quite easily and suits my sarcastic sense of humour.

Searched available domains and Ka-Ching! ByteMe was available in the .games TLD (top level domain). Perfect. ByteMe.Games was perfect (I can't wait to answer my first company phone call with "Good Morning. Byte Me. How can I help you?"

Well, almost perfect. ByteMe.Games It does not pass the "spoken test". Some might try BiteMe.Games instead... so I also purchased as well (luckily that was also available). BitMe.Games will just point at the main site. Now we have the spoken test covered :)